In a bid to promote efficient use of power in the country, Tanzania’s power utility firm, Tanesco plans to replace 3.2 million incandescent bulbs with energy savers.

The $ 14.63 million project funded by Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (Sida) expects to save Tanesco 37.9MW, according to Tanesco. The pilot phase of the energy efficiency program has started in Dar es Salaam, which uses over 50 percent of the total electricity generated in the country.

The plan will also involve working with industrialists to move their power demands from peak hours and reducing the use of emergency power during peak hours, which amounts to 100MW, and save the utility Tshs 67 billion per year.

“The company has started a public awareness campaign on the efficient use of electricity in households before they start replacing bulbs. We hope that replacing bulbs will reduce energy consumption and promote energy efficiency activities,” Aron Nanyaro, Tanesco’s Senior Manager for Research said.

Tanzania’s annual consumption is 97kWh per capita and the demand for electricity is expected to double in the next three years.

The rapid growth of demand for electricity, over-reliance on hydro generation and soaring energy losses from ageing transmission and distribution systems have hampered efficient distribution of electricity.