Mobile phone customers who have not registered their SIM cards have been urged to do so until June 30th, or else they risk being disconnected.

According to Vodacom Tanzania Managing Director, Rene Meza, his company is committed to complying with the Electronic and Postal Communications Act of 2010 which requires all mobile phone numbers in the country to be registered, otherwise they risk being fined or imprisoned.

“So far we have registered over 95% of our subscribers and we have increased our efforts to achieve 100% registration rate,” says Meza, adding that disconnection of subscribers is aimed at aligning with the above cited law which requires all communication service providers to maintain updated records of their customers.”

Meza said that, the new lines are activated only after 72 hours of the activation request. “During this period we validate customer’s data and register them properly,” he explains.

He said that registration of subscribers is beneficial for both customers and the company. “This is the first step in getting to know who our customers are, where they are and what we need to do to serve them better.”

“We would like to thank our customers who have already registered, for their support and patience as we went through the processes of registering and verifying their data over the last few weeks,” he says, adding that those that have not yet done their registration can do so at any authorized M-Pesa agents and Vodacom Shops countrywide.