The Ambassador for Vodacom brand in Tanzania, MwanaFA, the musician, has urged men in the country to be in forefront, seeking solutions to the challenges facing the society and bring a positive change.

“It is clear that men have been the decision makers in the community and they have been considered as pillars of the families. It could be wise if they will use the power and honor they have in the community to bring about positive changes, and this is by taking part in eradicating fistula and fistula stigma in the country,” he said during the ongoing Fistula campaigns in Dodoma.

The campaign which runs in various regions has been sponsored by Vodacom and Vodafone UK.

According to MwanaFA, fistula is curable and can be prevented. Men should take a lead in supporting women in making sure that the problem is wiped out.

 â€œI appeal to residents of Dodoma especially men, to change the perception we have about fistula and realize that with our efforts combined, the problem can easily be eradicated,” he said.

He further said that fistula is now curable more than ever before, thanks to Vodacom who have been creating good environment for everyone by providing free medication to fistula victims.

According to MwanaFA, the decision to make a tour to the entire country is meant to encourage men to participate in overcoming the negative notion about fistula.

It has been discovered that communities in some parts of the country have been linking fistula with superstition or curse.

On her part, the Deputy Minister for Community Development, Gender and Children, Ummy Mwalimu, said it is not right just to continue to let women suffer when there is an opportunity to enable them to be treated. She urged the community to join hands to support the campaign and use it accordingly.

 â€œVodacom is doing a great job by helping the communities in the country. We will never be shy to congratulate the firm within and/or outside the Parliament for the great work they have been doing and this includes the fistula,” Ms. Ummy said.

Vodacom uses an average of Tshs 700, 000 to Tshs 900, 000 to pay for the treatment of one patient of fistula in the CCBRT hospital.