Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd (TAFE) which has established partnerships for skill training and development and piloting small farm sustainability programme in Tanzania, Malawi and Rwanda is now in a plan to expanding its Jfarm, a model of integrated farm practices aimed at enhancing production and productivity, in more African countries.

There was good potential for agriculture in some of the African countries, with good yield, particularly organic agriculture and the company wanted to expand its activities there, TAFE Chairpeson an CEO Mallika Srinivasan said.

“We are in the process of setting up such facilities aimed at improving farm productivity and sustainable farming, leveraging relevant mechanisation in association with several countries in Africa," she was speaking after being conferred honorary doctorate at the convocation of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University for her contributions to global agriculture and machinery business.

TAFE was engaged in adaptive research and providing farm extension services, covering a variety of crops, like rice, fruits and vegetables, as an advisory service to farmers to enhance yields.

Besides, this would promote the knowledge of cultivation practices and latest technological advancements, the TAFE CEO said