Hansa Group (Diamond Motors Limited), in continuation with their endeavor in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, particularly in the education sector, has handed over a learning facility for mentally handicapped children in Kibamba Primary School in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.

The Tshs 67 million state of the art facility comprising of three fully furnished classrooms, administration block and lavatory was handed over on Tuesday to the school authority by Hansa Group Limited Executive Chairman Mr. Rupin Rajani in a short ceremony held at the school premises.

Pledging for more support to the school, Mr. Rajani expressed his Company’s commitment to help the school in its endeavor to serve these children with special need.

“This school has been built in the memory of my parents, and therefore makes us responsible to continue supporting its progress. Hansa Group (Diamond Motors Limited) also recognizes that these children need special attention to live a normal life like their counterparts. This is why we believe that by constructing this facility, the mentally handicapped children around Kibamba area will have a chance to learn and be productive in future,” he said.

Mr. Rajani pointed out that it was inhuman for parents and guardians of mentally handicapped children to deny them their education rights, if learning facilities are available.

“It is dehumanizing to see some parents and guardians of mentally handicapped children, or those with other disabilities, being kept away from the rest of the community in the name of bringing embarrassment to the parents. This is not right even before God,” Mr. Rajani said.

He mentioned that the donation is part of his company’s several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects being implemented in several parts of the country.

School Head Teacher Mrs. Asia Mpate thanked Hansa Group and other stakeholders who supported the project.

“Previously, the mentally disabled children unite in Kibamba primary school had no classrooms and therefore these children were using a store as a classroom. We are very happy to find a solution to this challenge. The other challenge we are now facing is lack of sports ground and equipment, as well as a fence to help keep the children within the school premises,” she said.

Mrs. Mpate said the Unite now serves 27 children from the previous 18 children at the time of its initiation in January 2012.

The project coordinators, Dar es Salaam Mentally Handicapped Children Support Group Chairperson Mrs. Evelyn Warioba, said the surrounding community should play their role in supporting the sustainability of such projects so that many children can benefit from it.

“We have heard a rumor that the Government is planning to withdraw its free food program to these children. We are asking the government officials not to go through with the plan because it will greatly affect these children who honestly need such support. This is the only assistance the government can be proud of,” she said.