Fatma Kange, Chief Executive Officer of GS1 (TZ) National Ltd

Fatma Kange have become the first woman and Chief Executive Officer of GS1 (TZ) National Ltd, following the appointment by Board of Directors.

According to the board, Ms. Kange will be responsible among other duties for sensitisation of the business community in making full use of the country's barcode.

"The board has appointed her because of her hard work and efficiency," GS1 (TZ) Board Chairman, Elibariki Mmari said.

Tanzania is a member of GS1, an internationally established organisation that provides barcodes and supports traceability of services, e-commerce and other trade related issues, globally. GS1 (TZ) has so far registered over 370 companies and issued barcodes to 6,000 products since it started operations in August 2011.

GS1 operates in 110 worldwide and Tanzania becomes the third country to have own barcode in sub Saharan Africa after South Africa and Kenya.

Ms .Kange promised to work hard to achieve the organisational goals as well as fulfill the interest of business community and that of the nation, promising to work closely with fellow staffs to successfully execute the firm's five-year strategic plan. "We have a lot to do because barcodes remain a new concept to many Tanzanians," she said.