Aiming at making consumers healthy and develop dairy farming, the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) program through Heifer International Tanzania, launched a campaign to promote the habit of drinking milk among Tanzanians.

The campaign was launched recently in Musoma, Mara Region during the annual National Milk Promotion.

Tanzania ranks third in East Africa in milk drinking, with per capita consumption of 45 litres per person annually against 130 litres and 80 litres for Kenya and Uganda respectively.

This is because of low awareness on the nutritional importance of milk to the health of human beings. Through campaigns such as the recently launched one, milk consumption could be raised, according to the Tanzania Dairy Board Chairman, Prof. Lusato Kurwijila.

“One of the goals of the EADD II program is to increase dairy production and improve net income for farmers. We believe that as more Tanzanian families take milk, demand for it will increase and raise farmers’ incomes as well,” EADD Country Program Manager, Mark Tsoxo said.

Tanzania has 22.8 million head of cattle, but milk consumption is relatively low. The East African country produces about 28 million litres of milk a day, but only 10 percent of it is tapped into the formal and informal markets.

The remaining 90 percent of the produced milk is domestically consumed and in some cases economically wasted, therefore insignificantly contributing to dairy development.