Dar es Salaam residents have continued to urge their fellow Tanzanians to use M-PESA service to make transactions as it is secure, affordable, reliable and convenient.

“Now M-PESA service is more than send and receive money. The service has enabled us to access various services at a convenient time,” Happy Lema, a regular user of M-PESA service said.

She said that the service has simplified their lives, enabling them to execute various transactions in a way that is easier and more secure. “People should stop the tradition of carrying a lot of cash to do their transaction because they are putting their lives in danger. They can be assured of safety through the use of M-PESA services.”

On his part, Vodacom External Relations Manager, Salum Mwalim said that Vodacom will continue to strengthen and extend its M-PESA service by inviting more companies to join in so that customers could have a wider range of variety of choices of where to buy through M-Pesa.

“To the moment, our customers can use M-PESA service to make payments and purchase goods in more than 250 companies,” Mwalimu said.